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Elaine Kuzmeskus Director of the New England School of Metaphysics, is a nationally known Spiritualist medium. She is the author of Connecticut Ghosts, Séance 101, The Making of a Medium, and The Art of Mediumship. She was recently featured in the PBS Special "Things That Go Bump in the Night."

Here are some of her gifts of the spirit:

What is Mediumship?

“A medium is a person whose senses are so acute that they register the presence of beings belonging to the non-physical world; and interpret the wishes and information which such beings desire to impart to people still in the body in this physical world.”

Who hasn't wondered what happens after the change called death. Or for that matter, how can it be possible to contact the loved one on the other side? Elaine Kuzmeskus is a clairvoyant medium who can see and communicate with the other side. She has been certified by the National Association of Spiritualist Churches and is an ordained minister with a background in counseling.

  • Mediumship session $90
  • Group readings for 6 or more $30 each

Please call (860) 668-0373 to make an appointment.

Cancellation / Rescheduling Policy: To avoid a cancellation fee, all clients are required to contact Elaine 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment to reschedule or notify of cancellation

Types of Mediumship

  • Clairaudience: Psychic: Hearing in which the medium hears the voices from spirit, music or other noises from the spirit world. Often the sounds seem to come from a distance. This is because spirits may form an astral tube to amplify the sound.
  • Clairgustience: Psychic smelling or tasting. A medium may taste apple pie in her mouth or smell tobacco.
  • Clairsentience: Psychic feeling. The medium feels or senses the presence of spirit. Sometimes this is accompanied by a change in temperature, literally the hair on the medium's arms raises, or she may feel a chill down her back.
  • Clairvoyance: Psychic seeing. A medium will see spirit either objective in front of her or with her eyes closed, so she can focus on her mind's eye.
  • Psychometry: Ability to read energy by holding an object such as a watch or a ring. A medium can pick up vibrations of the past, present and future for the owner.
  • Physical mediumship includes spirit flame cards, table-tipping, and spirit photography.
  • Trance mediumship: In deep trance mediumship, spirit overshadows the medium and speaks in his or her own voice. In this deep trance state, spirit can materialize over the face of the medium.

Call (860) 668-0373 today to schedule a Mediumship Reading. Elaine is available for private and group readings for 6 -12 people, and larger group presentations.

Purchase a Mediumship Reading $90

Once purchased we will contact you to schedule a time for your session.

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