The Art of Mediumship


Soul Cycles: Astrology 101

by Elaine Kuzmeskus

Soul Cycles is the result of Elaine Kuzmeskus's twenty-five years as a professional Astrologer. During that time, she has taught hundreds of astrology students in the New England area. Soul Cycles is a book which takes the student through the tools of astrology-planets, signs, house, and transits. She explains why the ancient Egyptian, Romans, and Hindus used astrology, as well as how and why astrology works.

The book also explores the soul's dynamic potential (Sun, Moon and ascendant), and love nature (Venus and Mars), karmic cycles (Jupiter and Saturn), and finally, world conditions (Uranus, Neptune,and Pluto). The second half of the text explores the future as the planetary transits are examined, as well as the chart of the United States. Finally, the art of analysis is demonstrated with charts of celebrities such as Drew Barrymore and Leonardo DiCaprio. Soul Cycles really is designed for the astrology student who believes 'A wise man guides his destiny-astrology points the way.

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