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DECEMBER 1, 2018

December Moon Cycles

• December 7 ~ New Moon 15º Sagittarius
• December 22 ~ Full Moon 1º Cancer

Sagittarius of the month: Taylor Swift

Taylor Alison Swift was born on December 13, 1989, in Reading, Pennsylvania. Her mother, a marketing executive, named her daughter Taylor because she thought the gender-neutral name would help Taylor in the corporate business world. With Taylor’s sun in jovial Sagittarius and her sensitive Cancer Moon joining fun-loving Jupiter, Taylor is a natural performer. She is also a talented song writer. According to The New York Times Swift is "one of pop's finest songwriters, country’s foremost pragmatist and more in touch with her inner life than most adults"

With Mercury and Saturn in the hard-working sign of Capricorn, she was born to rise to the top. Not only is she ambitious, she is creative as the Capricorn planets join Uranus (creativity) and Neptune (inspiration). In 2010. Swift she became the youngest artist in history to win the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. The pop star has many friends with her Venus in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius. However, she likes to keep her love life hush-hush. 2019 is sure to bring happiness to Taylor Swift as the lucky planet Jupiter will be passing over her Sun in Sagittarius most of the year. Marriage is in the 28 year-old’s future.

New Moon December 7~ 15º Sagittarius 2:20 A.M. EST
The New Moon December 2018 is influenced by the alignment of Mars and Neptune at 13° Pisces. This square aspect between the New Moon and Mars Neptune brings confusion and aggression. Conflicts at the southern border of the United States are not easily settled. Watch for sort agreement just before Christmas. With Venus opposite Uranus, there is a tendency to go to extremes with credit card spending, food and drink. Even so, try to keep an even mind during the holiday rush. Twenty minutes of meditation can make a big
difference in your day.

Full Moon December 22~ 0° Cancer at 12:48 P.M. EST
The full moon on Saturday December 22, 2018 in good aspect to Uranus makes it easy to forget the anger of recent weeks. Venus trine Neptune is a good omen. More emphasis on the real meaning of Christmas—giving. The Moon in Cancer, the sign of family, will bring much good cheer. This is a great time to decorate and spruce up living quarters. As for the stock market, expect a Christmas rally. After all, Christmas is the happiest holiday of the year!

Christmas gift suggestion: Healing with Spirit

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The ancient Chinese called the spirit energy, “chi.” In the nineteenth century, this force was
termed the “astral light” by theosophists, “animal magnetism” by Doctor Franz Anton Mesmer, and now bioenergy. Native Americans, psychics, and mediums have achieved remarkable healings with the intervention of spirit entities. Author: Elaine Kuzmeskus

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OCTOBER 31, 2018

November Moon Cycles

Daylight Saving Time 2018 ends on Sunday, Nov. 4, at 2 a.m. local time. At that time you should set your clocks and watches back to 1 a.m.

November 7 ~ New Moon 15º Scorpio
November 23 ~ Full Moon 1º Gemini

Scorpio of the month: Bill Gates

Scorpios are focused and self-reliant as we can see from the horoscope of William Gates III born on October 28, 1955 at 10:00 p.m. in Seattle, Washington. In 1975, the ambitious Scorpio dropped out of Harvard to start Microsoft with Paul Allen. He had what it took to become one of the richest men in America. Number one: genius. Bill Gates has Uranus the planet of genius in his first house making a fortunate aspect to aspiring Aries Moon in the tenth house of career. The second factor is mental brilliance indicated by Mercury in Libra joining Mars. Finally, he is dedicated to relationships and charitable with Venus (love) joining Saturn (discipline). In 2000, Gates and his wife Melinda created Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with a five billion dollar donation.

New Moon November 7~ 15º Scorpio at 11:01 A.M. EST

Get ready to breathe a sigh of relief with the November elections behind us. Whether your candidate won or not, everyone is ready for a new start. Plus, on November 9th, Jupiter (the lucky planet) goes into the sign of travel and good times, Sagittarius. Take advantage of the New Moon energy to start a project or curl up with a good mystery.

Full Moon November 23 ~ 01° Gemini at 12:39 A.M.

This Moon opposite the Sun in Sagittarius puts people in a holiday moon. This month’s full Beaver Moon in brings out optimism and a sense of adventure. People want to escape for the moment. The full moon in Gemini highlights short-distance travel, friends and social activity. Plan a get-together November 22-Novmeber 28th when the Sun makes a favorable aspect to Jupiter.  

OCTOBER 4, 2018

October Moon Cycles

The four Moon phases are the New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon and Last Quarter  Moon. The New Moon Phase occurs when the Moon is completely dark with no luminosity,  while the Full Moon phase occurs when there is 100-percent luminosity. The best time to begin a project is during the New Moon as Sun conjunct Moon gives a burst of energy. The worst time to start a project is during the day before the New Moon as the energy flow is weak.

October 9~ New Moon 15º Libra

October 24 ~ Full Moon 1º Taurus

Libra of the Month - Kate Winslet

Born October 5, 1975 -is an English actress who portrayed seventeen year old Rose DeWitt, opposite Leonardo De Caprio as a poor Irish lad in Titanic. She also starred in in Revolutionary Road, Sense and Sensibility, and Finding Neverland. She has both inner and outer beauty. With her Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Libra, Kate is passionate about helping others. She has been involved in the autism awareness, PETA, and many children’s causes.

New Moon October 8~ 15º Libra 11:46 p.m. EDT

The New Moon is exact 15 minutes before October 9, so it will be felt October 9-11. The Libra Moon emphasizes social activities, beauty, and legal matters. This is a good time to beatify body and home, as well as to start a healthy diet, exercise, and decorate for fall.

The job market should remain strong with Uranus (change) in good aspect to Saturn in  Capricorn (government). That said, people are becoming more aware of conditions of  women in and out of the political arena. The New Moon makes a difficult aspect to Pluto (the great revealer) which can only intensify intensity to existing issues and create new  problems related to power. Since the Moon joins Saturn (restriction), the public feels over-burdened. If the lack of confidence in government continues, there could a correction in the stock market later in October—just before the midterm elections.

Full Moon October 24~ 01°13′ Taurus at 12:45 P.M. EDT

The Full Moon conjunct Uranus at 01°13′ Taurus. Emotions run high for the next two weeks. Watch your words because the love planet Venus is also opposite the planet of change. However, with a positive aspect to Saturn, involved, change can be met with a level head—and a bit of patience! On a personal level, take to enjoy the fall bounty. Bake a pie, take a walk, and stock up on Halloween treats.


September Moon Cycles

September 9 ~ New Moon  17º Virgo

September 24 ~ Full Moon  3º Aries

Virgo of the Month: Prince Harry

The symbol for Virgo is a virgin with bundles of grain in her hands, representing the wisdom harvested in the fields of experience. Virgos are drawn to public service, analysis, and perfection.

Prince Harry was born in London on the 15th of September 1984, 4:20 p.m.

With his sun in the analytic sign of Virgo and ascendant in hard-working Capricorn, he is far more serious than his cheerful nature would allow. There’s more to the Prince of Wales besides his love of beautiful women, Venus in Libra, and dare-devil nature, Mars in Sagittarius. While he enjoys adventure, Prince Harry wants a stable home indicated by his Moon in Taurus. He has said so himself-- “I've longed for kids since I was very, very young.”  Watch for a royal birth next year—quite possibly a son for Harry and Meghan!

September favors group activities—astrology to yoga classes. More positive energy on the horizon as Uranus in Taurus (finance) makes harmonious aspect to Saturn in Capricorn (government) this month.  Uranus, planet of change, stimulates new ideas to overcome current challenges. Even Congress focuses on long-term goals as there is national push for action on health care, immigration and education. That said, tempers are bound to fly on both sides of the aisle as Democrats and Republicans debate key issues. More attention paid to national security asMars joins the south node (negative karma) for a third time on September 26th.  

New Moon September 9, 17° Virgo, 2:01 p.m. EDT. The New Moon makes a lucky aspect to Jupiter, so people feel good.  At the same time the Moon is opposed Neptune which can create euphoria or confusion, so be clear in your intentions. Fortunately, it also trines Pluto which increases intuition and reveals truth. This is good time to start a new project or organize home or office.

Full Moon September 24, 2° Aries 2, 10:52 p.m. EDT. Full Moon squares Saturn which puts everyone in a sober mood. Try to stay positive and in the moment--even if life throws some curves. For those who have not been watching their budget, finances may present a problem. With the Moon opposite Mercury avoid unnecessary travel and take extra care with speech. When in doubt, say nothing.  Focus on improving your outlook instead of blaming others. Remember to exercise, meditate, and do some spiritual service as we begin the fall season.

AUGUST 1, 2018

August Moon Cycles

August 11 ~ New Moon and Solar Eclipse 18º Leo
August 26 ~ Full Moon 3º Pisces

Big news:
August 11 ~ Solar Eclipse 18º Leo, 5:58 a.m., EDT

The eclipse is joined by Mercury retrograde which could cause mechanical failures, power outages, and for some--bad tempers. Challenging aspects to Jupiter and Pluto could will create more buzz about immigration and tariffs. This partial eclipse will be visible from northern and eastern Europe, northern parts of North America, and some northern and western locations in Asia.

Leo of the Month: Tom Brady

New England Patriot’s football player Tom Brady was born August 3, 1977, 11:48 a.m., P.D.T. in San Mateo California. No wonder he is a star quarterback - his Sun in Leo is at the top of his horoscope. Tom’s Moon in Aries give him the completive heart of an athlete. With Libra rising, he has classic good looks and a graceful body. The signature for an athlete is Mars. This football player has Mars is in Gemini (skill) in an exact positive aspect to Pluto (unusual ability). When football season starts, Tom Brady will be in peak form.

New Moon: August 11 ~ Solar Eclipse 18º Leo, 5:58 a.m., EDT

New Moon and eclipse makes a square to Jupiter, so there is a tendency to escape from everyday responsibilities. Since Mercury is close to Moon, people may be quick to speak their mind. Mercury retrograde through August 28th complicates communications, travel and electronics. Watch your words!

Full Moon: August 26, 7:56 A.M. August 26 ~ Full Moon 3º Pisces

Native Americans called the August Full Moon Green Corn Moon, as it is associated with harvest and abundance. This Full Moon August brings out the best in people. The Sun, Saturn and Uranus are in a fortunate grand trine. Now is the time to focus on achieving your long-term goals. There is more leadership from established groups. The economy seems to be doing better which boosts morale. This is an excellent time to begin a new project, make repairs or self-improvement.

JULY 3, 2018

July Moon Cycles

July 12 New Moon 20 Cancer

July 27  Full Moon 4 Leo  

Big news: The longest total eclipse of the century occurs Friday July 27, 2018 at 04°44′ Aquarius. This “Blood Moon” with Mars and South Node could cause problems for the United States and its allies.  Add a square to Uranus, and emotions run strong. Watch for a correction in the stock market July 22-August 3nd   Fortunately with Neptune in good aspect to Jupiter, any down-turn will be temporary.

Cancer of the Month

Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel July 17, 1954, 6:00 p.m., Hamburg Germany

According to Angela Merkel Germany has become a country that many people abroad associate with hope.  Born with Sun in Cancer (patriotic) and Moon in Aquarius (fair-minded).  Her sun makes a close conjunction to Uranus, so she may display a temper in private, but with her Venus in Virgo, she is very much a lady in public. With Neptune square her Sun, she is not a natural politician, but had learned to deal with powerful leaders. With Sagittarius on her ascendant, she projects confidence and is willing to fight for her ideas and those of Germany.

July 12 New Moon at 20° 41 Cancer  10:47 EDT

The Moon opposite Pluto is close to the fix star Caster which rules government work dealing with foreign affairs. This could indicate a fall from grace for political leader. Meanwhile, Mars conjunct the south node makes everyone more realistic. On a positive note, Neptune continues to make good aspects to Jupiter to increase faith and humanitarian pursuits.  Take time to enjoy the blessings of life!

July 27 Full Moon 04°44′ Aquarius, 10:20 p.m. EDT

Moon is tied with Mars which intensifies emotions.  Add a square to Uranus and everyone is jumpy. Try to relax - preferably pool-side. This is not a good time for decision making. For those who will be traveling during July 25-30th, start early and take your time on the road. There are bound to be delays.  However, once you arrive safely at your destination, enjoy!

JUNE 6, 2018

Moon Cycles for June 2018

June 13 New Moon 22 Gemini

June 28 Full Moon 6 Capricorn

Big news: Jupiter (the good luck planet), Saturn (business), and Pluto (corporations) are all retrograde this month so businesses may pull back on spending through July.

Gemini of the Month

Donald Trump is a Gemini, born June 14, 1946. His Sun is also in the tenth house of status and leadership, in close proximity to Uranus. He was also born during a full Moon in Sagittarius, the sign of candor. With a Leo ascendant, his roar may be worse than his bite!

It is likely that issues with North Korea will plague the President throughout the summer month with Mars (the planet of war) in a retrograde three times.

June 13 New Moon 22 Gemini 44 at 3:43 pm EDT
The Moon in Gemini favors travel and communications. Since a new moon an excellent time for making a fresh start, put new ideas into action. Make plans for short trips and social events. This Moon is on the fixed star Mintaka noted for good fortune and influential friends.

June 28 Full Moon 6 Capricorn 28 at 0:52 am EDT
The full moon joins with the reality planet, Saturn, at the end of the fiscal year. Capricorn favors a practical approach to life. Some retailers may close their doors due to lackluster sales, while others will downsize. However, even with higher gas prices, people will take to the roads this summer. With the Moon in good aspect to Uranus, everyone is ready for a change of scenery. If you plan to travel during the next two weeks, allow extra time for delays—and have fun!

APRIL 25, 2018

Moon Cycles for May 2018

May 15 New Moon 24º Taurus

May 29 Full Moon 8º Sagittarius

Big news: Uranus planet of change enter Taurus this month on May 16th where it will remain until April 2026. Uranus is always causing change, because it is through change that we can grow and awaken into deeper parts of ourselves. Watch for changes in the money markets this year, as businesses feel the influence of the new energy.  

May 15, New Moon at 24 Taurus at 11:49 p.m. EDT
Favors the home.  People just want to relax. This is a good period for nature, social gatherings, and decorating. Time to plant the garden and enjoy outdoor activities.  

May 29 Full Moon 8º Sagittarius at 10:19 a.m. EDT
Brings desire for change and travel. May 29-May 31 is a good period for meditation and travels of the mind. Take time for creative pursuits. The next two weeks could bring more national debate on national security and the national debt. Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail.

FEBRUARY 28, 2018

Moon Cycles for March

March 1 2018, Full Moon 11º Virgo, 7:51 pm EST
Sunday March 11 Daylight saving time begins at 2:00 a.m.
March 17, 2018, New Moon 26º Pisces, 9:13 a.m. DST
March 20, 2018 spring begins 12:15 p.m. DST
March 31, 2018, Blue Moon 10º Libra, 9:37 a.m. DST

March 1 ~ Full Moon 11º Virgo March 1 – 7:51 p.m. EST
The full moon is opposite Neptune, planet of illusion, so pay extra attention to details. Bankers may need to count their money twice and reporters need to stick to the face. The Moon in Virgo emphasizes health. Mars is in good aspect to Uranus March 9-17, so take time to walk, meditate, and start a healthy habit!

March 17 ~ New Moon 26º Pisces, 9:13 a.m. DST
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! People should feel like celebrating with Spring in the air. New moon occurs in Pisces, the sign of compassion and spirits of all kinds. Spring officially begins March 20 at 12:15 p.m. DST in the East. Time to plant some flowers and fresh ideas!

March 31 ~ Full Moon 10º Libra 9:37 a.m. DST
This is the second and final Blue Moon of the year. The Libra full moon emphasizes the arts, play fair, and politics. With the full moon in square Saturn in Capricorn, there is bound to be diverse opinions. For those who feel the weight of too many responsibilities, try to “Let go and let God.” Mercury goes retrograde April 2-15, so take your time with large purchases and read the fine print. Social activities favored April 7-15 with Venus in good aspect to Mars.

April Moon Cycles

April 15 ~ New Moon 26º Aries, 9:58 p.m. DST
April 29~ Full Moon 9º Scorpio, 8:58 p.m. DST

April 15 ~ New Moon 26º Aries, 9:58 p.m. DST
The Moon in Aries joins Uranus, planet of change. Everyone seems to be on the go with the new Moon. Watch for national debate on school security and the opiate crisis especially during April 23-29. More government programs coming to help our young people due to positive aspects between the good-luck planet Jupiter and the planet of mass consciousness, Pluto. Make some time for rest and relaxation, as there is tendency now to overdo.

April 29 ~ Full Moon 9º Scorpio, 8:58 p.m. DST

The full moon in Scorpio is favorable for United States. Watch for interest rates to go up early May due to improvements in the job market. Expect delays as Mercury, planet of travel makes an adverse aspect to planet of limitations, Saturn, April 23-27. If you are traveling start early. As we go into May, Jupiter brings hope for many, as it makes a positive aspect to the cosmic planet Neptune.

JANUARY 1, 2018

A wise country guides its destiny—astrology points the way.

On January 13th, Elaine Kuzmeskus, M.S., P.M.A.F.A. will be on The Paranormal View to discuss the year ahead in astrology, as well as the horoscopes of the United States and Donald Trump. To learn more, tune into at 8:00 p.m. Saturday, January 13th. Elaine will also be available to do astrological readings for call-ins.

January and February Moon Cycles

January 1 ~ Super Moon 11º Cancer
January 16 ~ New Moon 26º Capricorn
January 31 ~ Lunar Eclipse 11º Leo
February 15 ~ Solar Eclipse 27º Aquarius

January Moon Cycles

As you can imagine, 2018 is a year of changes in the economy as well as health care industry. Improvements will come in small increments. With Saturn (planet of restriction) opposite Venus (society), many social programs could be cut back. That said, the economy should continue to improve throughout 2018 with favorable aspects from Jupiter (good luck) and Neptune (faith). Fortunately, spiritual awareness is on the horizon thanks to the positive Jupiter-Neptune aspects.

Full Moon January 1 2018, 9:24 p.m. EST 11 Cancer

Two super Moons in January—one on the 1st and another on the 31st. Be sure to view the magnificent heavens as the Moon shines bright in the night sky. January 1st, the full Moon is on the Sun (President) of the United States, so America will be very much in the news. Other countries look to the U.S. for leadership at this time. With the Moon opposite Venus, financial concerns continue to plague the country. However, the planet Neptune in positive aspect to full Moon, so there is more interest in spiritual matters. Everyone seems ready for a new start. The full Moon in Cancer also favors home improvement, family activities, and good food. Try some new recipes or bake your favorite pie for those you love.

New Moon January 16 2018, 9:17 p.m. EST Moon 26 Capricorn

Look for some shake-ups in government as the Moon in Capricorn (authority) tightens its grip. Expect more public outcry over social policies with the new Moon on the country’s Pluto, planet of reorganization and rehabilitation. There will be much debate on federal spending. With Uranus make adverse aspects to the Moon, more women come forward to protest past wrongs in and out of government. Emotions run high during the last two weeks of January. The Moon in practical Capricorn highlights business matters, so clear the clutter, organize finances, and try to keep New Year’s resolutions.

Full Moon January 31 2018, 8:27 a.m. EST 11 Leo

This full Moon and lunar eclipse conjunct minor planet, Ceres, which rules independent women, grains, and the environment. Watch for a debate on programs which involve single-parent families and mother earth. The Moon in Leo in general favors entertainment, creativity, and the youth of the country. Relax with music, movies or meditation. Remember to nurture yourself as well as others.

February Moon Cycles

February 15 2018, Moon 27 Aquarius 4:05 EST p.m.

The Moon in Aquarius brings out a sense of humanitarian concern. As Americans celebrate President’s Day, they honor the spirit of Abraham Lincoln. His presence is needed more than ever with national and international strife indicated by Mars (planet of war) is in adverse aspect to Neptune (spiritual ideas). Discord in the Middle East could trigger a rise in oil prices in February. Also, the solar eclipse close to the planet of communication, Mercury, which can bring more news of computer hacking. Emotions are bound to run high as Jupiter is in adverse aspect to the Moon. Everyone seems on edge! This is not the best time to travel. If you do travel, plan for delays February 10-20. For those staying close to home, take a mental break with a good book on travel, biography, or positive psychology!


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